What you’re exposing when you eat wrapped food in aluminum foil


Aluminum foil is multifunctional. Besides its use in the kitchen, is also used in medicine but, be careful when it comes to cooking and try to stay away from it as much as possible. Aluminum poisoning is a real problem today. In case you are daily exposed to aluminum, you should know that it accumulates in the body.

Even if our body has a high power of self-cleaning when it comes to toxins and heavy metals, even the healthiest body has its limits.
Daily, aluminum is deposited in the bones, organs and tissue. Doctors believe that aluminum poisoning is a real problem today. Here are the first signs of aluminum poisoning:
– Muscle weakness
– Bone pain
– Seizure
– Confusion

Regarding children, such poisoning can cause delayed growth and development. In addition, aluminum poisoning can cause severe problems such as neurological disorders, brain damage and lung disease. Latest studies show that aluminum exposure during pregnancy can cause deformities and abnormalities in fetus development. Where aluminum can be found?

Excessive consumption of aspirin, medicines and multivitamins may increase the level of aluminum in the body. In addition, we regularly eat aluminum because many foods contain aluminum. During food cooking and storage in certain containers made of aluminum, it enters the food.

How can we protect our body?
A rare or minimal exposure to aluminum may help the body eliminate this element as soon as possible. But even so, you must stay away from him. Buy supplements and foods that do not contain aluminum.
If you cook in aluminum, put food into another container, immediately after preparation. Do not leave food in aluminum foil. Avoid processed foods. Eat freshly cooked meat.

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What you’re exposing when you eat wrapped food in aluminum foil