Wrap Your Abdomen before Going to Bed Every Night – See What Happens


It is generally stated that poor people if they could not get any food for their dinner, they can just place a wet cloth on their stomach before going to bed. The reason is that it will reduce the feeling of hunger. But, wrapping your abdomen before going to bed can act as an elixir in bringing you weight loss benefits.

Do you want to know what will happen when you do it? Read on to learn more:

Reduce your waistline:

Colin Mary, a mother of three kids was able to reduce the size of her waistline by 2.5 cm with this excellent method. Yes, she strived hard and tried different methods to reduce her waistline. But, she was not able to achieve the intended results. One day, she got an idea for shrinking her waistline.

What did she do?

Colin Mary just mixed 50 ml of coconut oil with a couple of tablespoons of coffee grounds. After mixing the blend, she directly applied it on her abdomen, particularly in the areas, where she wanted to reduce fat. After applying the blend on her stomach, she just took a plastic wrap for wrapping around her abdomen. For wrapping, she used three layers of foil.

When to apply?

She applied this mixture every night before going to bed. She continued the same continuously for a week. After a week time, she measured the size of her waist. To her surprise, she found that she lost nearly 2.5 cm in the waistline.

Why does it work?

This method works because it burns the fat content in your stomach area by stimulating perspiration. Most of us know that naturally, our body loses water in the form of perspiration in certain areas like back, armpits, and face. This is why these areas in our body do not gather excess fat deposit. But, this does not happen in the stomach. This is why to promote water loss in the waistline and in the stomach, this method of wrapping your abdomen before going to bed really work wonders for you in losing the excess fat content around your stomach.

Can water add weight to your body?

Of course, many people are overweight mainly because of the excess water content in their body. This is why some weight loss remedies come with the diuretic property. This means that they work by reducing the water weight in the body by increasing urine output. Many of us have also heard about heat therapy for losing weight. This method also works by increasing the water output from the body in the form of sweat. Similarly, the method of wrapping your abdomen before going to bed will help you in losing the excess fat content in your stomach.


So, if you are concerned about the huge size of your waistline, you can just try out this method and can share the results with your friends. Just remember to measure your waistline before starting this method and also measure after completing a week’s session.

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Wrap Your Abdomen before Going to Bed Every Night – See What Happens


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