Wooden Chalkboard Notepad


I saw the wood scrap at Michaels and had a coupon so I snatched it up. It seemed so perfect for a notepad! I already had chalkboard paint and chalk at home, so the only cost for this project was the wood, which, with the coupon, was under $5.

To recreate this cute project, You will need:

  • scrap wood piece or purchased piece (I liked the barked edge of the piece I found)
  • chalkboard paint
  • foam roller
  • painter’s tape
  • chalk
  • large pencil sharpener (optional)
Wooden Chalkboard NotepadTo start with, you’ll need to sand your piece if it is not already baby-butt smooth. The paint with adhere better the smoother the surface is.

Next, tape off the area you want to be a notepad. I wanted the middle between the bark edges so it was like a real notepad, but if your piece is a different shape, have fun with it!

Wooden Chalkboard Notepad

Wet your foam roller with the chalkboard paint and roll it on. It’s up to you how many coats you want, but make sure you let it dry COMPLETELY between coats – it will bubble like nail polish if you don’t.

Wooden Chalkboard Notepad

Now peel away your paint and the notepad is done!

Use the pencil sharpener to bring the head of your chalk piece to a point. It makes it easier to write with on the smaller surface and, honestly, easier to read.

There you have it! An adorable notepad that can be re-used as many times as you want! Eco- and budget- friendly!

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Wooden Chalkboard Notepad