Why You Should Work Out During Your Period


Menstruation is a delicate period for many women, and the myths make our life more difficult. Many times you have heard from various people that it is not better to do things during menstruation, including sport. Wrong, say experts. Exercise is not prohibited in the days of menstruation, on the contrary, can help you to get over this period easier.

Of course, we are not talking here about very demanding exercise that forces you to make a great effort, but about exercises that keep you in shape. If you get used to severe pain during menstruation, opt for light exercise with small weights, which enhance specific moods these days.
Gynecologists do not recommend you do sports during menstruation, if you are sedentary and do not exercise at all. However, if you are familiar with the work out, here are you benefits from sports during menstruation.

Relieves menstrual cramps
Menstrual cramps can give you headaches, but exercises at the gym helps relieve pain. In addition, during exercise, your body releases more endorphins, which are hormones of happiness. As I said above, exercise that requires sustained efforts are not recommended during menstruation, but the ones we will reveal you now are more than indicated.

1. Run
Light running is an excellent way to forget the annoying sensations during menstruation. Hydrate yourself well before, during and after the running session. After 15 minutes of exercise you’ll have a much better mood and you’ll be less nervous. You already know that in the days of menstruation you get angry easily and more agitated. Run 15-30 minutes every day  and this will make you forget all that.

2. Walking
Walking helps you to get through the period of menstruation. Get off the bus one station before the house and walk. Although the effort is minimal, you will have a feeling of contentment, because you know that exercise is good for your figure. Also, you’ll almost forget you’re in those days of the month.

3. Aerobic exercises
What could be more pleasant than doing some aerobic exercises. Even if you feel some discomfort caused by menstruation, it is good to know that aerobics distract you from pain and can be a great way to have fun.

4. Swimming
Swimming is a sport that you can practice anytime, because helps tone your body and keep yourself in shape. During menstruation, swimming relieves cramps and back pain.

Fear sports during menstruation
Fitness trainers say that many women interrupt their daily exercises during menstruation because they fear they could suffer “injuries” and everyone could tell that they are at that time of the month. Today, it should not be a problem, say gynecologists who recommend the use of an absorbent with immediate protection. It increases your comfort and self-confidence.

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Why You Should Work Out During Your Period



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