White teeth instantly


We nowadays live in this world where not making a neat appearance is something people judge. Of course, when I’m saying neatly I’m talking about what clothes we wear, how our skin looks, the make-up we put on etc. A very important part in this is also our smile. It has to have healthy, bright, white teeth!

The problem is that not all of us have the money for a professional whitening treatment, or maybe our teeth are just not strong enough to survive that undamaged.

So what is there to be done in this case? Most of the times we’ll turn to more natural treatments, something that is non-irritant, something that is cheap and something that is easy to make. I, of course, in persuading the idea of white teeth, have tried so. There are lots of homemade treatments that are supposed to whiten your teeth, the thing is.. which one is both effective and gentle on your teeth?

Baking soda is something that most people use, but the way this works isn’t something you should be aiming for: it pretty much scrubs your teeth, thinning your enamel while whitening. Not something you would want to use on the long run. So, another thing you could use, and I definitely recommend is using turmeric.

This common ingredient that you can find in most grocery stores works 10 times better than baking soda and extremely easy to do. You don’t need to prepare a paste or anything so it’s very fast also. You need: turmeric, toothbrush, normal toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss.

Use the dental floss, dip your wet toothbrush in turmeric powder and then brush all your teeth, on each part (very import, ok?) for 2-3 minutes. Try not to spit the turmeric, and instead keep it on your teeth for extra 3-4 minutes before rinse. After this, use your normal toothpaste (and also floss if you have very cramped teeth) and then rinse 1-2 times with mouthwash. These steps might seem a lot, but everything should actually last less than 10 minutes.

You should see some results after the first use (take a before and after picture if you’re skeptical) while after using this 2 times/week for 2 weeks or so, most people will be able to see a significant difference.

This is a treatment with perm results (of course, if you’re not over exaggerating with coffee) and it’s noninvasive, making it safe to use many times.

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White teeth instantly