White Plate Wall


I’ve been wanting an all white plate wall forever and had been collecting plates every time we went to a thrift store. By the way, I get the impression that Salvation Army buys and sells plates. cause every single store I went to had the same plates. Coincidence or conspiracy? You be the judge.

Anyway, I finally got to the point that I had quite an arsenal of plates building up on the dining room table. Enough to cover the entire wall as I originally intended, but like most other things, the plan changed.

This is a relatively easy project, the hardest part was having the patience to wait for the glue to fully dry overnight.

All you’ll need is:

Some thrift store plates

Gorilla glue (or some other strong adhesive)

Metal plate hangers

They have these nifty hanging discs available in stores but they’re kinda pricey, especially if you’re hanging a whole lot of plates. The metal hangers, If I remember correctly will only cost you $5 for the box.

White Plate WallI didn’t use mod podge in this project, well I did, but just as a weight to hold down the hanger while the gorilla glue dried. You’re supposed to clamp it down for a maximum bond, but my clamps weren’t long enough to reach the hanger. So the next best thing is to use a heavy object to weigh it down. Of course, this method didn’t work as well and some of the hangers pulled right off the plate. So make sure to tug on them once dry to make sure your plates don’t fall off the wall.

White Plate WallIt looks a bit messy when dry, but no one’s gonna see it. So it’ll be our little secret.

White Plate Wall

White Plate WallHere’s where the plan veered of track.

White Plate WallI didn’t want to end up with some crazy chaotic pattern on the wall.  So I started in the center with the largest plate, working my way out in a symmetrical pattern. When I was halfway through I realized I had created a diamond pattern which I was really happy with. And I decided to stop right there. Well actually, by that time I had also run out of plates. I hadn’t glued the hangers to all the plates yet.

White Plate WallCall it lucky or lazy but my wall o plates was done…


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White Plate Wall