The Strong Relation between your Health and your Acne

Did you know that there is a strong link between your health and acne on your face? If you didn`t, you must read further, so that you can find out what problems cause the appearance of acne on your face. You can see a face map on the image below. Each face area is represented by a number and each of the zones requires your special attention, regarding exercise routines and eating habits. This is how you can make sure that your body is performing at its best possible level.

  • Areas no. 1 and 2 represent the digestive system. It would be a wise decision to eat less junk and/or processed food, reduce fat amount in your everyday diet and start drinking more water. It is also recommended to go for cucumber and other similar cooling foods.
  • Area no. 3 represents your liver. In this situation, it is highly recommended to cut off alcohol and give up with consuming dairy products and greasy food. Area no. 3 is, in the same time, where allergies to certain aliments firstly show up; this is the reason why you should always check the labels for seeing the ingredients that aliments contain. Besides these good things, try to integrate 30 minutes of light physical activity into your daily routine and let your liver rest by choosing proper and enough sleeping.
  • Areas no. 4 and 5 represent the kidneys. The first signs of dehydration are dark circles and anything else strange around your eyes, so try to increase the amount of water that you are drinking day by day.
  • Area no. 6 represents your heart. It is a good thing to keep your vitamin B level and blood pressure under control all the time. If your acne appears on area no. 6, it means that you need more fresh air and give up with eating meat and pungent and spicy aliments. You should also look for ways to decrease your cholesterol level, such as switching from `bad fats` to `good fats`. Some of the `good fats` are Omega 3 and Omega 6 that can be found in flax seed, fish, avocado and nuts. This face zone is also very sensitive to cosmetic products that expired, so next time before you do your make-up check the label of your cosmetic products as well.
  • Areas no. 7 and 8 are again related to the kidneys. Remember, drink plenty of water and cut off alcohol, coffee and aerated drinks – they all lead to dehydration!
  • Areas no. 9 and 10 represent your respiratory system. If you are smoking or having some allergies, this is your problematic area for both issues. If you don`t have any allergies or don`t smoke, you should still keep your body away from overheating, give up with consuming too much sugar, get more fresh air and eat more cooling aliments. Keep your body away from acidic foods, such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol, meat and dairy products. Instead, choose more alkalizing aliments, like wheatgrass juice and green vegetables. Most of the people forget about dirty pillow cases and cell phones – two major causes of acne.
  • Areas no. 11 and 12 are related to your hormones. They signal all of the hormonal changes and stress that takes place in your body. Even if hormonal changes and stress are not possible to avoid, you can decrease them by proper sleeping, drinking plenty of water, keeping your skin clean and eating a lot of leafy vegetables. These areas may also bring the sign of ovulation – even on which side you ovulate!
  • Area no. 13 represents your stomach. Here, you need to increase fiber intake, drink herbal teas for promoting digestion and reduce the overload of toxins.
  • Area no. 14 is generally signaling a certain illness. This is how you can understand that you body is fighting against some bacteria, in order to avoid illness. Going to a yoga class, taking a nap, taking time to breathe deeply and drinking plenty of water are all great solutions for this issue.

Next time, when you notice dark circles under your eyes, take a look at the face map and identify what your problem could be! Your skin is most probably trying to communicate with you about a certain problem that one of your internal organs might have. For proper diagnosis, it is certainly wise to consult with your doctor or healthcare provider.

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