What the Year of Red Fire Monkey Will Bring You

The Chinese New Year starts on February, 8, 2016 and is under the sign of Fire Monkey. See what this means and how it will affect you.
The energy of the Chinese New Year comes from the animal that governs it. The monkey is an intelligent, spiritual and inventive being. In the Chinese zodiac, the people born in 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 and 2016 are Fire Monkeys and are persons that can solve any problem, they work very well in team, are playful, have a youthful attitude and are very active.

The monkey symbolizes an extraordinary curiosity and creative energy, but it is seen as a sign of deceit. In the Chinese tradition, this animal is considered extremely intelligent and with a very powerful mind. It does not have inhibitions and does not feel guilt. The people born under this sign have no problems in testing new theories, and think about things about which nobody would think and make impossible things in the field in which they act.

All the animals from the Chinese zodiac have a dark side, too, and the monkey is not an exception. Their tendency to solve any problem can transform in opportunist and untrustworthy persons. Their youthful part hides a teen lack of scruples, and the independence can transform in infidelity.

The Year of Fire Monkey, year of all possibilities

The influence of Monkey calls everything into question. This year, it is not indicated to make plans, because there are high chances they not to be accomplished. You can also achieve great things, but just through personal effort, because the work in team will not be so satisfactory in 2016.

The Year of Fire Monkey will improve the communication, the humor and the spirituality and will help you pass with grace and elegance over the stressful situations. The business will flourish, and the risks will disappear out of your way. You will have guaranteed success if you dare to be different. All people should analyze their diet and lifestyle. If you do not practice sport and do not take care of what you eat, it is the moment to do some changes. The body was created to move, so, don’t ignore it. You will get rid of stress if you will go to gym, or will try some yoga classes. Any physical activity is welcome.

Although the year of Fire Monkey will be full of life, optimistic and progressive, and the finances, the policies and the real estate business will evolve, will appear also some problems. The decisions taken in business should base on facts, not on feelings. It is a good year for inventions, and if you assume yourself risks and you are rebel, you can have success. The agile, confident minds will just have to gain.

At individual level, it is indicated to not look behind and be confident in future. Keep in mind that the Year of Fire Monkey will reward the personal efforts, and those who put their trust in group activities could become disappointed.

Who will be lucky in the Year of Fire Monkey

In the Year of Fire Monkey will have luck the ones who in the Chinese horoscope are Rats, Dragons and Monkeys, because they will be much more confident in their own forces. A positive year will have also those under the sign of Goat, Rabbit and Ox, that will observe improvements on all plans. Those who are born under the sign of Rooster and Horse have to expect misleading situations and not to take the things the way they come. If in the Chinese zodiac you are Tiger, Snake, Pig or Dog, then you have to know that you will have a very strong power of concentration and will obtain positive results.

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What the Year of Red Fire Monkey Will Bring You