What happens if you eat horseradish in the morning, on empty stomach

Horseradish help to clean the body of toxins accumulated in a short time and has the power of healing disease. Traditional medicine is denied by many, but the properties of horseradish proved to be strong for centuries.Today, many people rely on it and successfully treat a number of diseases. Forget pills and purify your body with a simple recipe with horseradish that will eliminate all the toxins accumulated in your body. Take care of your health, because it is the most precious treasure in the world.

We can not deny the power of plants, but it is true that, in order to cure diseases, it requires perseverance and a little more time to get results. However, this should not be an obstacle.

Herbal remedy that we offer you today is to purify the body of harmful toxins. It is very easy to prepare. First of all you need get an horseradish root. The root of the plant should be about 4 inch, do not need a bigger one, it is sufficient. Afterwards, rinse well and give through a fine grater. Cut 3 slices of medium apple and smash them. Add them to horseradish root. Add to the mix a tablespoon of honey and 0.5 cup of homemade wine. Mix all ingredients for usage.

You will get a mixture with an average density that will spread on each slice of bread in the morning when you eat breakfast. The recipe that I suggested it will reach for two days because consumption is applied only in the morning on an empty stomach.

If necessary, you can take another dose, but do it after 7 days. Then apply recipe again, if necessary. If body purification is carried out regularly, the risk of diseases will be minimized.

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Image source: thedigestersdilemma.com