What does your Breast Shape say about your Personality

Each part of our body expresses who we are. An experienced and skilled person may find a lot about another one only by looking at him. The body language and the signs our body reveals are a very interesting topic to discuss and if you master this capability, you will always choose only the best people to be around with. A woman’s breasts are no exception, they also revealing important information about their master.

Sexologists and psychologists are conducting different studies in demonstrating that this is not just talks, but science. According to the Piero Lorenzoni and Mitsugu Shega, the breasts’ form and type are associated with different types of personalities:
Very round breasts are a sign of frigidity, smartness and it is believed that women with such breasts are the best housewives.
Pears breasts and a little elongated are common to women with a strong character, powerful, however, tender and appealing.
Breasts that look like a prominent triangle (when viewed in profile) are common to an artistic talented woman, passionate and energetic. Such women are usually bored with one partner.
Elongated breasts in eggplant shaped are associated with determination, a strong character and usually such women use to control her partner.
Small Breasts represent a hardworking, introverted, serious, modest, analytical woman and rarely expresses her feelings. Also, these women are skeptical and tend to doubt the fidelity of her partner.
Big, melon shaped breasts are related to women with a hyperactive sex appeal, however, the truth is other. Actually, Piero Lorenzoni believes that such women like to eat delicious food. Not in vain women with large breasts have a more curvaceous body.

A scientific explanation why one can read a woman by her breasts is that certain genes carry some DNA information for both breast shape and for brain function. Therefore, one can explain the link between personality and some face features.
What was stated above in this article, about the description and the link of the breasts’ size and shape with your personality, should not be taken as absolute truth, but rather as a guide. This information includes an amount of truth, perhaps you will find yourself better and know which characteristics to develop more and which to control better.
Even the scientists who conducted these studies emphasize that these conclusions should not be taken as absolute truth and they don’t describe a person.
Read these conclusions as a guide and let’s face it, we love it when we read such information. Have fun and you are perfect just the way you are!

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