What does finger length say about your personality

British researchers recently published a study in a specialized journal which shows that the length of a person’s fingers can provide information about its intelligence, about the risk posed to cancer, and even sexual orientation. The first part of the research involved analyzing the results obtained from 75 children in a series of tests (Standardised Assessment Test / SAT) based on the dimensions of the two fingers, index and ring finger.

The scientists found that the toddler’s skills in mathematics and literature are changed according to the length of the fingers.

The image shows three types of finger lengths, marked as A, B, and C. Check your fingers and find the meaning below.

A) It is said that people whose ring finger is longer than index finger are very beautiful. They have a charm that others find irresistible. In addition, more aggressive than the rest, and the risk for them is not a problem. Most of them work either in the military or are engineers. Their hobbies are crosswords and chess.

B) People with shorter ring finger than index have great self-confidence, but they are very arrogant. They love solitude and cannot stand being disturbed leisure. Not the kind of people who make the first step in a relationship, but always accept and appreciate the attention they receive.

C) Persons who have equal forefinger with ring finger are great lovers of peace and they not feel comfortable when they are in conflict. They are well organized and try to get along with everyone. Not the least, are very loyal and faithful in relationships, full of tenderness and care for their partners.

If the index finger is smaller than the ring, some research suggests that physically you are a strong person, assertive and you like to risk.

If the ring finger is longer than the index finger, you’re an empathetic and caring person.

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What does finger length say about your personality