What diseases can you make from scented and colored toilet paper

Scented and colored toilet paper is not as harmless as you think. Look what diseases do if you use it frequently.
Cervical Cancer
Department of Health and Human Services of the US banned the usage of dye  in toilet paper  production, after studies showed that it is dangerous and increases the risk of cervical cancer of animals, in laboratory test. The same impact it would have on women too, according to the researchers.

Rectal problems
Scented and colored toilet paper causes inflammation and itching in the rectal area. In addition, if you use colored toilet paper you can not see if the stool is blood, a symptom that could indicate colon cancer.

Urinary infections
Scented and colored toilet paper irritate the vaginal area, and studies have shown that cause urinary tract infections.

Fungal infections
Studies have established a link between the use of colored toilet paper and fungal infections. To avoid these problems, use toilet paper without perfumes or dyes.

Environmental Health
Adding colors and scents of toilet paper can further contaminate the environment. Using white toilet paper is a small but important step in aid of preserving the environment.

Most dangerous is red toilet paper
Studies show that health is the most dangerous red colored toilet paper. The toilet paper decorated with drawings that have red color when wet seem to have traces of blood, and that they are the signs of the emergence of many diseases.

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What diseases can you make from scented and colored toilet paper