What Could the Zodiac Signs Learn from Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho is one of the most renowned contemporary writers, his books being translated in 67 languages and published in over 150 countries. Because he is so popular, we are absolutely sure that the zodiac signs would have to learn important lessons from him.

Your vanity impedes you to be happy. You want to be loved, but you would not like to do compromise for obtaining it. “Love is not just a feeling, it is art. And like any art, you do not need just inspiration, but much work as well” is the lesson which you could learn from Paulo Coelho.

You are a gentle and affectionate person, but you fly into a rage when the others tell you that you made a mistake. Learn to assume yourself the facts and learn from them. “A mistake has made the world to move, don’t be afraid to mistake”, is the advice which Paulo Coelho would give.

You love your life and you would party continuously. But, sometimes you have qualms of conscience and you start to ask yourself if you should prove more responsibility. Take into account a thing which Coelho told: “Perfect people don’t drink, don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t quarrel, don’t complain and don’t exist”.

You have high expectations from people, that is why you often get disappointed. Don’t let yourself affected too much by emotions. “When you find your way, you should not be afraid. You have to be courageous enough to mistake. Disappointment, defeat and despair are the tool which God uses to show us the way” is the lesson which you have to learn from Coelho.

You have the tendency to hide your feelings and pretend to be a person that cannot be knocked down by anything. You are afraid of being hurt, but take into account that too much caution impedes to your happiness. “Tell your heart that the fear to suffer is worse than the suffering itself. And no soul suffered when it started its search for dreams” would tell you Coelho.

You like to show everybody that you always control the situation, but it would be great if you would ask for help from time to time. Do not think about what impression you could create. “When I had nothing to lose, I had everything. When I stopped being myself, I found myself” is the lesson which you can learn from Paulo Coelho.

You revise one hundred times until you take a decision, and your fears impede you to enjoy life. Keep in mind that “only one thing makes a dream impossible to achieve – fear to fail”.

You seem to be a powerful and relaxed person, but you bring a bitter Universe behind you. Be more open with the people around you. “I exist because I have friends. I have survived just because they came out on my way” says Paulo Coelho.

You have the tendency to ignore the reality, because you are afraid to face it. But Coelho would give you the advice: “If you want to be successful, you have to respect just one rule – don’t lie to yourself ever”.

When you fall in love, you are capable to do anything for your beloved one. But, keep in mind Coelho’s words: “When you tell Yes to others, ensure yourself that you don’t say No to yourself”.

You like to be sure of what you do, because you are afraid of failure. You have to learn an important lesson from Coelho: “If you have the impression that the adventure is dangerous, try the routine. It is lethal”.

Do not listen to the ones who tell that you are stubborn and you should change. “The courageous ones are always courageous” says Paulo Coelho.

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What Could the Zodiac Signs Learn from Paulo Coelho