Weight Chart For Women: Ideal Weight According To Your Height and Age

Women have always been obsessed with their look. Voluptuous forms were a symbol of prosperity and wealth in renaissance period, but in the XXI century suppleness is what women want. But how many of women asked themselves about the ideal weight?

Teenage girls face the greatest weight fluctuations, and many of them resort to drastic diets that endanger their health. For many young girls anorexia or bulimia may be paid with the price of their lives.

You should know that ideal weight varies from person to person. If you compare yourself with friends or relatives, you risk either to settle that you have a few extra pounds, or want to lose too many pounds.  The chart below presents which is your ideal weight based on age and height.

If you have less pounds than it should be, go to the doctor and see whether you have a health problem. Once you have ruled out this possibility, you can try to enrich your diet with nutrients that you could help your waistline.
If you have a normal weight, you already have good health. To remain so, it is important to have a balanced diet based on fruits and vegetables, and exercise 30 minutes every day. If you have extra kilos, you have to take some measures to return to a normal weight. Overweight increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes. In this case, the exercising is very important and you should have a healthy diet based on plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Good to know it is to remember that the most important aspect of appearance is health, no one will like a slim woman who has problems with lack of vitamins and faints often or is pale and lifeless when she leaves the house.

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