How to wash pillows with feathers without ruining them


For some time anatomic pillows made from memory foam or those filled with pooh are fashionable. They are cheaper than pillows with feathers and easier to clean, but the latter are more comfortable. Here is how you can wash them without ruining them:

It is important to wash your pillows regularly, even if they are delicate as the feather. You can wash them in the dishwasher without problem. You must be careful when doing this and carefully follow all these steps:

Check Cushion
Before you put them in the wash, check whether there are holes in the fabric: the flakes should not come out when you wash them because you will clog the washing machine and ruin cushions. If there are no cuts or holes, then move on to the next step. Neve put in the washing machine more than two pillows. If two can’t fit, then one is enough. Use a lower amount than usual detergent. You can replace the conditioner with a few drops of lavender essential oil or peppermint. Use the washing program for delicate clothes when washing pillows with feathers and rinse them twice. You can also use centrifugal spinning.

How to dry pillows with feathers
After being squeezed in the washing machine you should put them to dry stretched on a clothes dryer (not hanging on a rope), but before that you have to undo all the “lumps” of feathers which were formed in the pillow. It is preferable to keep them outside on the balcony, but if you do not have this possibility, then keep them dry in a well-ventilated room, near a heater (if warm). Every few hours, shook the pillows and check if the feathers are not stuck between them. Little by little, the pillow will receive initial appearance.

Pillow with feathers dry harder
If washed clothes dry in a day or a few hours, pillows flakes dry harder. You need a few days to shake them and make them fight to gain their initial appearance. Only after they have thoroughly dried you can use them again.

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How to wash pillows with feathers without ruining them