You Have Been Using Sanitary Towels Wrong Your Entire Life


According to Chinese medicine theory, during menstruation, a woman’s body is in the worst condition, and if appropriate protection measures are not taken during this period, women’s health may be affected. Therefore, it is important to avoid wrong practices during menstruation.

Here are the most common mistakes in the use of sanitary towels and how to use them correctly.

First you should know that they must be charged every 4-5 hours or you risk an infection. Here are the step you need to follow:
1. Remove the wrapper and gently hold the sanitary towel.
2. For a better fixation, place your undies under your knees.
3. After you find the wings of the towel, take of the long and place the towel in the center of your panties.
4. For the adhesive to stick on your underwear, press the pad. Now wrap the wings around your panties and press again.
5. Now it’s time to check if you placed it correctly. Pull your panties up. The sanitary towel should cover your vagina completely.
6. We recommend you to check your sanitary towel every 2 hours to see if it needs to be changed. If the menstrual blood is wet on the surface and not absorbed, then it’s a sign that you have to change it.
7. It’s very important to wrap the used sanitary towel in toilet paper or another package, before throwing it. Otherwise it will spread a bad smell in the toilet and bacteria.
8. Wash your hands.
Also, here are 3 common mistakes that you should avoid when using sanitary pads:
1. You don’t wash your hands before using a new towel. In the process of opening the package and positioning the absorbent, hands can bring bacteria.
2. Keeping the sanitary towels in the bathroom: Most bathrooms are dark and wet, and so bacteria can easily contaminate the pads.
3. You use perfumed pads; most doctors do not recommend these products as they can irritate the vagina.

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You Have Been Using Sanitary Towels Wrong Your Entire Life


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