How to use vodka to clean the house

Vodka is an alcoholic drink very popular, primarily used for cocktails. Still, vodka is the perfect ingredient to clean and disinfect certain objects in your home. Here’s how you can use vodka in the process of house cleaning.

Vodka cleans ceramic tiles
Any hardened stain on tiles can’t resist on a strong spirits such as vodka. Pour a small amount of vodka in a tube spray, spread all over the drink to cleaned and then wipe with a clean cloth, slightly dampened. Whether you are soap stains (bathroom) or grease (kitchen), vodka will successfully handle the challenge.

Vodka restores the radiance of your jewelry
Vodka is a perfect cleaner for products, even for diamonds. Add a little vodka on the bottom of a glass and possibly some water and soak the jewelry for about 30 minutes. Finally rinse them with cold water and wipe them with a paper towel and let them dry on a clean towel.
If jewelry is very dirty, you can wipe with an old toothbrush teeth. This will remove any dust or dirt tight, even in the tightest spaces.

Vodka can clean the lenses
Spray a little vodka on the lenses and then wipe them with a clean cloth until all alcohol is absorbed. It is recommended that this treatment to be applied on glass lenses and not plastic ones which need a special treatment, less drastic.

Vodka eliminate insects
Due to the high alcohol, vodka is a powerful destroyer of insects. It is enough to pulverize vodka in places where cockroaches or ants know that come often. If you repeat this step several days in a row, certainly you will not have “uninvited guests”.
Also, wasps and bees will be removed permanently if you try to chase them with a sufficient amount of vodka. All you have to do is daily spray vodka in place they  come very often.
However, if you’ve found the nest and is near your house, it would be better to let the professionals take care of this aspect.

Vodka removes mold
To remove mold, fill a spray bottle with cheap vodka and spread the liquid through the places that grow mold. Shower, bathroom tiles etc. Analyze the entire space very well in places where there is more steam and treat the problem early.

Vodka cleans glass surfaces
Windows or mirrors will remain spotless after washing with vodka. Spray vodka on the glass, like a particular product and then clean with a clean cloth.

Vodka removes traces of glue
There are situations where even though you cut out a sticker on a surface, adhesive still remain. No need to worry because they can be easily removed using a small amount of vodka. Spray a little alcohol on the area and then wipe with a clean cloth.

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How To Use Vodka To Clean The House