Tricks to make Ironing FASTER and EASIER


Any time housewife discovers little tricks that help her finish the job quickly, especially with enviable results. A rule that also applies with regard when it comes to ironing laundry. Here are some tips for ironing clothes faster.

Ironing it’s easier when clothes are still slightly damp, even if you have an iron with a steam system. Moreover, feel free to sprinkle a little water on clothes that you want to iron, if dry, then fold them and put them aside for an hour before you get to work. Silk clothes must be moistened before being trampled. Iron them inside out, but it is preferable not to use a steam iron or to spray water on stubborn creases. To iron wool clothes, iron should not be very hot.

Always use a damp cloth placed over the piece of clothing: direct contact with iron will damage the wool. As you can do with black or dark clothes. Wet laundry if possible and shaken well before being left to dry. So the fabric will stretch, wrinkles will be smooth and ironing will be easier.

Aluminum foil does wonders
The time spent ironing usually can be halved if you put aluminum foil under the ironing board. Aluminum foil reflects the heat received from the iron, so the laundry will trample on both sides, with less effort. It is good to start ironing clothes that require lower temperatures and continue with the fabrics that require higher temperatures. The accumulated heat will simplify smoothing clothes that are more difficult to iron.

If you have to iron a tie, you should know that you don’t have to iron it properly: just move the steam jet above it. If you do not have a steam iron, proceed otherwise: moisten with water the tie back, put hot water in a bottle, roll the tie around the bottle and leave it a few minutes. You will be impressed.

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Tricks to make Ironing FASTER and EASIER