How to treat and prevent night muscle cramps

If you have nocturnal muscle cramps, no longer need to tell you how uncomfortable this pain may be. One minute you deeply sleep and the next minute you’re awake with pain in one or both legs. These cramps can keep for several hours, and can disrupt sleep and get ready for a day of rest and lacking energy. Painful nocturnal cramps are common in daily practice complaints.

Often they are accompanied by severe insomnia. The exact mechanism is not known, most likely being caused by muscle fatigue and nerve dysfunction or other abnormalities. Most times calf cramps occur but can also be located on thigh, or foot.

These pains can last a few seconds or minutes. After these cramps pass, sensitive area may remain until the next day. Both women and men experience such cramps, most often occur in people over 50 years. These cramps are common health problems that occur most often without a specific cause and are harmless. In rare cases, these cramps are associated with other more serious diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease.
Here are some of the causes of these cramps:

Overuse of leg muscles;

– Excessive exercise;

– standing over a long period;
– Sitting for long periods;
– deficiency in potassium, calcium, and other minerals;
– dehydration;
– certain medications such as diuretics, birth control pills or steroids;
– flat feet;
– thyroid disease;
– diarrhea;
– pregnancy
– Parkinson’s disease;

How to prevent leg cramps during the night?
–  drink plenty of water and fluids during the day;
–  limiting alcohol and caffeine consume;
– consume healthy foods rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium;
–  ride a bike;
–  do some stretching exercises before bed;
–  wear comfortable shoes.
If this does not work, go to the doctor usually will check the levels of magnesium and potassium. Deficiency can be a direct cause of the cramps. The doctor also may recommend acupuncture. Although this sounds a little scary, is an excellent solution for pain .This type of therapy has been proven that releases tension in the muscles and prevents cramps in the future.

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How to treat and prevent night muscle cramps