Treat otitis with one drop of this mixture


It is the season of infections and viral diseases, and otitis can give us a bad time if we do not know how to heal it from the start. Otitis is an inflammation or infection of the ear, which can be caused by cold or flu through which one has recently come out. The nature of otitis can be different, and one should be very attentive to the symptoms, in order to determine what kind of otitis he/she has, after this to be able to choose the appropriate home remedy.

This kind of ache is a very common medical problem for both adults and children.

A very efficient natural remedy is the blend of white vinegar and sanitary alcohol. It is more beneficial in case of “swimmer’s ear”, which is clinically termed as external otitis. That’s when the ear hurts when it is pulled or touched.

But, attention! This mix is good just in case in which the otitis is not too pronounced, the serious conditions will be treated just by specialist.

There are many chemical solutions which can be dropped in ear to cure this disease, but this remedy prepared at home is extremely powerful and efficient and is even much better than what we find in drug stores.

Usually, the drops which we buy contain isopropyl alcohol that cleans and dries the ear. The remedy about which we are talking is natural 100 percent and contains just two ingredients: white vinegar and sanitary alcohol.

White vinegar is a very strong antibiotic and antimicrobial substance that attacks efficiently the infection. It not only fights against infection, but it also ameliorates the pain, dries the ear and removes the ear wax.

Here is the recipe!

As mentioned upper, for the preparation of this recipe you need white vinegar and sanitary alcohol.

Mix a measure of sanitary alcohol with one measure of white vinegar. Take a teaspoon of this mixture, after which soak your finger in the mixture. Droop your head on one side and keep the finger over the ear, so that a drop of substance to fall in it. Stay in this position for one minute, and then unbend. In this way, the surplus of composition will be eliminated.

Repeat the procedure twice per day and so you can get rid of the water which remained in ear after shower, of ear wax, but also of the ear infection. Be careful when it comes to the ears of children.

Attention! In the case you do not feel any improvement during three days from the application of the treatment, then you have to go to doctor. Also, before starting this natural remedy, you should consult an ENT doctor.

In the case you have unbearable pain, you can combat it with analgesic.

We remind you that this cure made at home had miraculous effects in a short period of time on many persons and is recommended in the treatment of minor ear infections, or of the pain suffered as a result of these infections.

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Treat otitis with one drop of this mixture