TOP 4 Sweet Lying Zodiac Signs

Lies have short legs and always make the fooled one to be mad. However, there is an exceptional situation when one is fooled but he doesn’t have such a negative reaction: when one’s told sweet lies. Wrapped in all sorts of stories, the lie almost turns into poetry when told by a skillful liar, so you get to appreciate the imagination and intuition of the one who fooled you.

In the end, he will be satisfied that he managed to trick you again and you won’t be offended by the fact that he lied to you or by the cruel truth.
Those who believe that astrology is not a hoax can learn which are the zodiac signs that are very good at lying.

These are the sweet lying signs

This sign is considered the biggest liar of the zodiac, and often when they lie they exaggerate. They have a very developed communication skill and because of this, they know how to gain the attention. Therefore, half of the mission is accomplished. The other half is their best, desirable part of lying. Gemini is extremely intelligent and refined and it uses its knowledge to send you to an imaginary trip to countries they never saw, but is so well described in Gemini’s mind. A woman will be immediately conquered by Gemini’s communication skills who lies very charming and you can’t stop listening to him.

Leo is a sign that wants to be always in the spotlight, this is why he resorts to lies, although he doesn’t like it at all. They usually do this out of boredom, when nothing interesting happens. At the office or at a chat between friends, you will hear from Leos the most interesting stories related to their achievements, experiences with opposite gender and perfect dates that, in turn, are learned from acquaintances. However, the Leo will never ever recognize that. For these stories to seem more interesting, it starts believing them as being its own experiences. The beauty of lying this way is that you could choose a story you would like to live as well. There is a wide range of choices, you just need to pick one and start dreaming. Leo’s stories will never stop…

Scorpios are manipulative and vindictive and resort to lies to achieve their goal. Their sweetest revenge is to lie to your face. There is no greater pleasure for Scorpios than to fool you so bad, so you won’t acknowledge what happened to you ever. You will learn the truth only thanks to Scorpio’s generosity who will provide certain signs, so you to understand that you were tricked.

Aquarians are bohemians and creative and provide the greatest lies regarding their difficult past. Bad memories from their childhood, adolescence or college are wrapped by Aquarians in stories that always have their own significance. In this way the Aquarians “revenge” for the years they didn’t live as they wanted, the lies supplementing their optimism making them, in a way, to go further.

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TOP 4 Sweet Lying Zodiac Signs