Top 3 common cleaning mistakes

We like to have our homes clean and we mobilize to clean up even if, often, we are tired, we are in a bad mood or have a thousand problems to deal with. However, we could keep our house cleaned for longer if we don’t make some basic mistakes.

You wash the windows on a sunny day

We all know that the cleaning solutions dry more quickly when the sun burns. Consequence? Unsightly traces on your windows. Therefore, regardless of the season, the ideal time for washing the windows is at night or during the day, only if it’s not a sunny day.
At the same time, you can speed up the drying process by replacing the microfiber cloths with a wiper blade rubber, which covers a much larger area than the cloth.

You clean the carpet stains superficially

Believe it or not, cleaning the red wine, coffee, pet urine stains of the carpet is not effective in the long term. This is because usually this kind of spot cleaning is superficial, only the surface layers of the mat get cleaned. As a result, over time, they will return to the surface.

You spray the cleaning solution directly on surfaces

You can spray the cleaning solutions, no matter the type-for furniture, windows, tiles, and not directly on these areas unless they are very dirty. If the dirt is not significant use microfiber cloths. The explanation for why you must wipe the object with a cloth is simple: these products directly sprayed on the surfaces leave traces. And this because, obviously, you spray more solution on the surface than on the cloth. You’ve probably had the opportunity to touch a sticky piece of furniture. This unpleasant sensation is caused by the directly spraying.

There is a long list of mistakes we make when we clean, but those which I have submitted, are among the most common. Certainly, we all want our homes to look flawless, and to save time, so it is ideal to avoid this cleanliness mistakes and practice every trick that reaches our ear.

Top 3 common cleaning mistakes