Toilet Bowl is Risky for your Health!

The toilet bowl is used by the majority of people all around the world in the conventional sitting position. This is considered to be the normal position by almost everyone, while sitting on the toilet bowl. The problem is that these people don’t know what certain health conditions mean, such as Chron’s disease, intestinal cancer, hemorrhoids or constipation. In addition to not being familiar with such diseases, they don’t even know what the reasons could be that lead to these health conditions.

Thanks to the modern technology, a new sitting technique on the toilet bowl has been introduced. However, it is considered that the freshly introduced sitting position on the toilet bowl is not healthy at all, because it could lead to a number of health conditions.

  1. Sophisticated toilet bowls result in a wide range of health conditions

In the popular Israeli magazine, entitled ‘Journal of Medical Sciences’, a study has been published that shows the problems that the conventional sitting position practiced on the toilet bowl causes. Unfortunately, these problems are all represented by severe health conditions, such as Chron’s disease, pelvic disease, colon cancer, intestinal inflammation and hemorrhoids.

According to the scientists, “the frequency of intestinal diseases (hemorrhoids, constipation, appendix inflammation, polyps, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome) is common in South African white males and in the populations of rich Western countries. In the rural areas with traditional lifestyle, these diseases are very rare or almost unfamiliar”.

  1. There is a strong link between modern toilet bowl usage and hemorrhoids

When a vein in the anus or in the lower area of the colon suffers inflammation, we are talking about a disease called hemorrhoids. This disease is however common in people with harder stool, caused by defecation. Scientists consider that certain sitting positions could result in both weaker and slower defecation. The explanation is simple why this is happening: some poses require greater straining. The best position that you should practice, while sitting on the toilet bowl is the squatting position, because this pose doesn’t require straining at all.

  1. These modern toilets could even trigger intestinal inflammation.

Thanks to this position, the so-called Tuborectalis muscle is tightened as well as prevents total defecation. These are all important facts that you need to understand as well as keep in mind all the time! When using modern toilets, it is very likely that content remains in your intestines and when this is happening on a regular basis, you will have to deal with severe medical conditions, including the development of certain infections and types of cancer as well as serious inflammation. One of the inflammatory diseases associated with this cause is Chron’s syndrome. The disease practically means the inflammation of the intestines and it attacks the digestive system.

  1. About the development of urinary infections

While urinating, you should still practice the squatting position only. With this position, doctors consider that women are able to thoroughly and easily empty their bladder. On the contrary, the conventional sitting position never enables the bladder to get emptied thoroughly and when urine remains in the bladder, this fact opens the door to welcome bacteria as well as trigger urinary tract infections.

  1. It causes heart attack

Even if you don’t believe it (you would say that there is no relation between your cardiovascular system and your intestines or urinary tract), but the conventional sitting position could easily result in heart attack, stroke and defecation. It has also been proven that death caused by heart attack events most commonly take place in the bathroom. Excessive straining during defecation in a sitting position has been studied for more than 20 years by an Israeli doctor, Berko Sikirov.

  1. Menstrual issues and toxic shock

When sitting on the toilet bowl in the squatting position, complete pressure is put on the pelvis. This is how all urine gets eliminated out of the bladder as well as menstrual content while being on your period. The conventional sitting position however will not enable all these things to happen. Toxic shock is possible to develop when urine remains in the bladder for a longer period of time.

  1. Japanese people are squatting!

Nowadays’ modern technology is mostly represented by Japan. However, they are practicing the squatting position only, when using the toilet – this fact is valid especially among elderly. Japanese people believe that besides its health benefits and hygiene that it offers, the squatting position also helps them to save time.

  1. Chairs that involve practicing the squatting position

If you are not used with the squatting position, teaching your body to do that permanently is not difficult at all. And when your body gets used with it, you will be able to practice it all the time and forget about the conventional sitting pose. All you need is a special squat chair that you will put under your legs, before you sit down on the toilet. Consider that intestinal urinating and emptying is a lot healthier in squatting position unlike in the traditional sitting pose.

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Toilet Bowl is Risky for your Health