To what diseases you are predisposed, in function of color of eyes

You can read in someone’s gaze happiness, passion, love, depression, no matter how hard he/she would try to hide the true feelings and spirit. Whether they are brown, black, green or blue, our eyes can tell much about us, and here we refer as well to the risk of appearance of certain health conditions or how predisposed is your body to the consumption of alcohol. So, here is some interesting information!

The persons with eyes of dark color risk to suffer of cataract
When “fog” appears on the pupil of the eye, it is possibly about cataract, an ordinary disease among elderly people. A study published in 2000 in the “American Journal of Ophthalmology” discovered that the persons with dark color of eyes have a higher risk to develop this eye condition. The protection of eyes of ultraviolet rays is one of the methods of prevention of this condition. These persons can also suffer, throughout their life, of hepatitis, rheumatism or endocrine disorders. At the same time, the persons with brown eyes betray possible digestive diseases.

Changing of eye color, sign of concern
If you observe redness in the whites of the eyes, this could be a sign of an undiagnosed allergy. If the eyes become yellowish, it is possible to be about problems with liver.

If just one eye changed its color, it could be a sign of a genetic disease such as neurofibromatosis or Waardenburg syndrome. But, if your eyes had different colors always, there is no reason of concern.

Vitiligo, rarely diagnosed at those who have blue eyes
A recent study published in the journal “Nature” claims that the autoimmune disease vitiligo, which causes the loss of skin color, is less ordinary among people with blue eyes. From approximately 3.000 patients with vitiligo, 27% had blue eyes, 30% had green eyes and 43% – brown eyes. Instead, the persons with blue eyes suffer oftener of asthma and skin diseases, especially because they have a high sensitivity to the powerful and bright light of the Sun. Besides these, the persons who have eyes of blue color would be more empathetic, more competitive, less anxious, oftener diabetic.

The persons with eyes of dark color consume less alcohol
If you are a person with black or brown eyes, it is possible that you drink less alcohol than the persons with blue and green eyes, according to an analysis published in the journal “Personality and Individual Differences”, in 2001. On the other side, the geneticists came to the conclusion that the persons with blue eyes present the highest risk to become alcoholics.

The women with eyes of blue and green colors support easier pain
According to a study presented at the American Pain Society in 2014, the women with blue and green eyes could have a higher tolerance to pain. The persons with green eyes betray a predisposition to kidney disease. In addition, the persons with green or blue eyes risk more to develop a condition which appears after the age of 50 years and which supposes the macular degeneration, the deterioration of a small portion of the eye, found near the center of the retina.

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To what diseases you are predisposed in function of color of eyes