Tissue Paper Peony Flower


I’m so excited about my very first post! I wanted it to be a DIY project, but I wasn’t quite sure what exactly to be. Today morning it hit me, so here it is – a beautiful Peony flower made from tissue paper.

For this project you will need a tissue paper in different colors, a chenille stem, a ruler and scissors.

Tissue Paper Peony Flower
1. Cut the paper into 15x18cm (6x7inch) rectangles. You will need 14-15 pieces.
2. Stack the sheets of paper on top of one another. I used 6 light pink, 7 deep pink, and 2 green sheets.
3. Accordion pleat all the paper sheets together.
4. Measure the middle of the accordion pleated tissue paper, and twine the chenille stem around it.
5. Round the edges of the paper using the scissors.
6. Grab the top sheet and pull it upwards toward the chenille stem. Do the same on the opposite side.
7. Repeat with the next sheets.
8. And Voilà! Your flower is done!Tissue Paper Peony Flower

I hope that you’ll enjoy making these flowers. You can try different colors, sizes and shape of the edges of the paper.

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Tissue Paper Peony Flower