This fruit will help you get rid of Hemorrhoids

The dates are not part of the diet of many of us, but maybe we should include them in our daily menu. These fruits, called in ancient times “the fruit of life”, are full of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Besides these, they contain thiamine, niacin, vitamins B5 and B6, folates, copper, potassium, fiber, magnesium, manganese and riboflavin and help in the maintenance of dental health, they energize you and keeps your complexion beautiful and young.

Here is what happens in your body if you eat three dates per day!

  • It improves the digestive system

Dates is excellent food for the digestive system. If you have problems with your colon and especially if you suffer of irritable colon syndrome, a portion of three dates per day cures in a short period of time this disease. Dates contain a lot of fibers, reason for which they are ideal for digestion, they prevent colon cancer and other conditions of colon. They were even recommended for the remedy of hemorrhoids.

  • Analgesic

They contain very much magnesium and are among the most efficient natural anti-inflammatory remedies. They make you forget about pain. The studies show that the magnesium from dates can reduce the arterial inflammations and decrease the risk of cardiac diseases, but prevent Alzheimer.

  • Good for pregnancy

Dates help at the beginning of contractions and are good even in the process of birth. The researchers realized a study on 69 women and drew the conclusion that the women who consumed dates in last four months of pregnancy, had easier labor and birth. Also, dates help the women who recently gave birth to come back to their weight before pregnancy.

  • Prevent strokes

The magnesium from dates is very good for the reduction of blood pressure. At the same time, the potassium regulates the heartbeats. The studies show that these fruits decrease the risk of stroke with 10 percent.

  • Help in the proper functioning of brain

Exist analyses which were made to establish the influence of the ingredients contained in dates on brain condition. According to these studies, when you have in your organism sufficient vitamin B6, your brain functions much better. Which means that you can concentrate better, the memory is stimulated and functions more efficiently, you can remember quicker information. The dates keep your mind sharp and you can learn more rapidly.

But attention! Because of the high level of natural sugars, dates are contraindicated to the persons who suffer of diabetes.

How you can use the date stone

After enjoying the sweet fruit, do not throw the stones. They are perfect for reflexology. Everything you have to do is to make two small bags, of the size of your sole. After washing and drying well the stones, introduce them in bags and step with your soles on them. You will see how good you will feel after this “therapy”.

If you have a lot of housework, introduce the bags in your husband’s shoes, or in slippers with a size or two larger, to be be appropriate at shoeing. During walking, the stones will act on your soles and you can relax in this way while doing housework or washing dishes.

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This fruit will help you get rid of hemorrhoids