The Most Intimidating Woman from the Zodiac

Perhaps you would envy her character, personality, self-esteem and her apparently impeccable presence. She seems to always know what she wants, is highly concentrated when she makes short-term plans or plans for life. She seems to be the woman who never fails and intimidates you. All these strong features are specific for Capricorn women. The women born between December 21 and January 19 may seem firm, unshakeable, but in reality, they are amazing people, very loving and sensitive. This thing is observed only by people who get to know Capricorn woman very well.

This is why the Capricorn woman is the most intimidating woman in the zodiac!

In life
There is a reason why the goat climbing in the mountain symbolizes Capricorn. They always want to be the best in everything they do and reach as high as possible. However, they are not balanced through life: such women can succeed only in one field. If they have a great career, this means that she encounters difficulties in the sentimental life, and vice-versa. The Capricorn woman has a general vision of her life and she knows exactly what to do in order to fulfill the objectives. All this confidence might be intimidating for other people who surround the Capricorn.

With her friends, she’s very empathic and everybody know they have a shoulder to cry on. Your Capricorn friend will tell you to get your act together in case your life is a mess and she will help you to get your life back on track. She always knows what you need because she has an amazing intuition. Everybody needs in life a Capricorn to guide them on the right way, This is why Capricorn women are considered the best friends in the zodiac. She has no time to waste on discussions without a point. She solves the problems quickly and straight on topic and believes in quality time, not quantity time. She might face some difficulties when expressing her feelings to someone, that is why she could be considered cold as ice. But a true friend will know to appreciate the relationship with a Capricorn.

In love
Generally, Capricorn women are independent and sentimentally this theory applies very well. She might be considered presumptuous and could become intimidating for a man. Those who are trying to conquer a Capricorn woman will need a lot of time to convince her to let him into her life. The reason why such women are so difficult to conquer is because they have an old soul and she knows to learn from the experiences of others and thus preventing her heart from suffering.

The Capricorn woman is the ideal lover due to her fidelity and the relationship with a Capricorn lasts for life.

In bed
There is that wrong theory that Capricorn women are not that good in bed because they treat sex with the same precision with which they treat business. Beyond the cold appearance, the Capricorn woman becomes a beast in bed, she becomes the perfect lover. On one condition: to believe in the relationship she has with her partner. Then she begins to love intensively and after the guard’s down, the Capricorn woman does anything for her partner.

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The Most Intimidating Woman from the Zodiac