The Most Common Mistakes we make in Bathroom


LOOFAHTS : Don’t get too attached…natural loofahs (the kind made from a dried cucumber-like vegetable) should be tossed after three to four weeks . One study even found that bacteria such as infection-causing P. aeruginosa grew exponentially after 24 hours of exposure to a loofah .
The Most Common Mistakes we make in Bathroom
TOOTHBRUSH : You know that you have to keep your toothbrush not to close to your toilet ? To be more exacly you have to keep it at a distance of six feet . An article from the Harvard University Gazette reports that “every time you flush, aerosolized particles from the toilet float as far as six feet away.” That means if your toothbrush is in the particles’ warpath , well, you can only imagine what happens . A solution is to close the toilet lid every time you flush or replace your toothbrush regularly .

WASHING YOUR HANDS : Not all of us are acording enaugh time to hand washing . Hand washing is one of the most effective things we can do to reduce the spread of infectious disease . But most of us are doing it wrong . One study from Michigan State University found 95 percent of people observed spent less than 15 seconds washing their hands. It`s recommended that you spend 20 seconds scrubbing alone . It may sound like an excessively long time, but sure beats the alternative like spending three days home in bed with the flu.

SHOWER CURTAIN : Where the shower liner hits the tub and where it ripples, as a result of being too wide , are breeding grounds for mold and mildew . One simple solution : trim a few inches from the bottom and sides so it fits the tub perfectly without bunching .

BATH TOWEL : The biggest mistake is that your are reusing your bath towel too many times . That`s a big mistake because bacteria thrive in damp , tightly woven wet towels . When you reuse them , your bath towel , the bacteria can end up back on you . It is recomended by doctores to use a new towel EVERY DAY if you share with someone else , and more than once per week , if you’re the only one using it . So , be more carefully , don`t let the bacterias to come back on your body .

TOXIC CHEMICALS TO CLEAN  : We all are cleaning the environment we live in to kill the bacterias , to avoid infection with various diseases . But , you will be surprise that many of this toxic chemicals to clean are more dangerous to us , many of which are banned in other countries because they have ingredients that may cause cancer , blindness and more . If you are carefully with your life , please search the net about the list of dangerouse toxic chemicals to clean . For example , your can make your own green cleaner using fruit : a grapefruit cut in half with salt is an effective tub scrubber and a halved lemon will make the water stains on your faucets a distant memory. Not to mention, your bathroom will smell amazing .

SPONGE : You use the same sponge almost for everything ? To clean the shower , mirrors , sink and toilet ? Prevent cross-contamination by organizing your sponges using a labeled mail sorter like this and of course, clean them often . A study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that microwaving sponges killed 99.99999% of bacteria and dishwashing them killed 99.9998% of bacteria .

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