The Bespoke DIY Key Covers

Sometimes it can be very easy to make things look attractive, just like dressing up your keys within a few minutes. I have recently tried coloring my keys and I am quite excited to share the way I did it. I am a DIY enthusiast. It is not just because I love to separate my keys but also because colorful keys offer a unique flair to the key chain we all carry.

All you need to do is just pair up some of your keys with a colorful scrapbook paper and you will get customized accessory that will show your creativity. It would be a really great idea if you try this technique to personalize vintage keys. You can string those vintage keys on a chain and wear it like a unique necklace. I am going to try that too very soon.

So, let’s focus on how to prepare DIY personalized key covers.

Items you need:

You need the following itesms:

  • Key
  • Pen or pencl
  • A small X-acto knife
  • Scissors
  • A small piece of scrapbook paper
  • A brush
  • Mod Podge or another decoupage source

Steps to follow:

  • To initiate the process, first twist the scrapbook paper upside down and then put the top half of your key on it.
  • Now smoothly trace across the key and also in-between the holes of key. Use a pen or pencil of thin tip to put paper easily inside the hole.
  • Take the scissor and cut across the tracing.
  • Cut out small holes perfectly by using an X-acto knife. Try to do it on a hard and flat surface.
  • Trim the extra paper in order to ensure it will fit perfectly.
  • Now use a brush to put a layer of Mod Podge on the top half of your key and then wrap it with a paper.
  • Apply the pressure over the wrapped paper for a few seconds in order to ensure there is no air bubble. Once it is done, brush one more layer at the top of applied paper to seal it. The Mod Podge will not take much time to dry, so wait for a few minutes.
  • Let it dry completely and try it on the other side if you want to.

And that’s how you can prepare personalized DIY key covers. It is easy, but make sure you will stay safe while using sharp tools.

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