Thanksgiving Tree


With Thanksgiving right around the corner I thought to bring you a new idea for your family!! I just couldn’t resist waiting and saving this project for next year. I had so much fun making our Thanksgiving Tree from fallen leaves in my yard, and I had to share this with you.

Thanksgiving TreeThe supplies are nearly free as long as you have a leafy tree or two. For the tree base all you need is a piece of poster board and a glue gun.

Thanksgiving TreeI happened to have a black one on hand. If you have a white or brightly colored board, I suggest you paint it brown so it doesn’t show through. Roll the poster board into a cone and hot glue the seam closed. Trim away the bottom so the cone sits flat. This step took me several tries.

Thanksgiving TreeI had an old wood candle base I sat my tree on just to make it a little more formal but it’s really not needed. I also dabbed a bit of hot glue around the base of the cone to make sure my clumsiness didn’t destroy my tree.

Thanksgiving TreeI separated out the leaves by size. It makes the gluing-on process quicker as you add the bigger leaves to the bottom, smaller leaves on top, just like a tree. I put several leaves of each size into a bowl and we each wrote three things we were thankful for on three leaves.
If you will do this with your children, you can glue about half the leaves onto the tree so the kid/kids would have a good visual. I started at the bottom and would skip spaces every now and then to leave room to add our ‘Thankful Leaves’ to the tree the next morning.

Thanksgiving TreeYou could use black pens, or to make your children more happy use some fall colors(red, orange, green and black).

Thanksgiving TreeThanksgiving TreeThanksgiving TreeFor the top of our Thanksgiving Tree I simply popped a few leaves into the small opening in the cone or you can continue to glue the leaves tightly to the top. Here is one of my favorite leaves.

Thanksgiving TreeI have our Thanksgiving Tree on my island counter with a wooden ‘Family’ sign sitting in front. It is center stage in my home right now and I will be sad to see it go.

Thanksgiving TreeThis could also be a fun activity to do on Thanksgiving with your entire family. You could have a pretty bowl filled with leaves and have your guests write what they are thankful for on a leaf when they come over. While you wait for the turkey to be done you can finish gluing the leaves on the tree and have it ready to show off on your tablescape!

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Thanksgiving Tree