Thanksgiving centerpiece crafts


If you’re spending Thanksgiving with family this year, why not include a few extra relatives at the table? Find and scan some old pictures of family members you would like to remember, or some you or your kids never knew (or throw in some pictures of grandma and grandpa when they were younger). At dinner time, share any stories you or other relatives might know about your ancestors.

Supplies: old metal candlesticks (check the thrift store), spray paint, corks, paperclips, and scanned copies of old pictures

Directions: Spray paint the candlesticks. You might need to prime the candlesticks, depending on your spray paint. Give them a second coat if needed. Allow the paint to dry for a few days. The size of corks you’ll need will depend on your candlesticks. Craft stores sell bags with different sizes. Push a cork into the top of each candlestick and insert a paperclip into the cork. Make a small slit in the cork if needed to fit the paperclip. Slide your pictures into the top of the paperclip and arrange the candlesticks on your table.

Thanksgiving centerpiece crafts

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

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Thanksgiving centerpiece crafts


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