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Wrap Your Abdomen before Going to Bed Every Night – See What Happens

It is generally stated that poor people if they could not get any food for their dinner, they can just place a wet cloth on their stomach before going to bed....

How to lower 500 calories effortlessly from your daily menu

If you lower 500 calories from the daily menu mean a total of 3,500 calories per week, this translates into a weight loss of about half a kilogram. So if follow...

Top 3 alternatives for bread when you’re on a diet

Bread is a rich source of starch and complex carbohydrates, and consumed in excess, can cause weight gain. If you decide to remove the bread from your diet, you made a...

Top 9 Healthy Foods That Make You Fat

Giving up unhealthy foods such as fast food or processed foods, can be a rather difficult task, but with incredible health benefits. If you want to keep your weight or lose...

5 Tips to prevent running injuries

For many of us, running is one of the most accessible sports: you can practice it almost anywhere, you only need beautiful weather and a pair of sneakers. Or, however, it...

5 amazing benefits of lemon peel

While lemon juice is used as a remedy to combat many health problems, lemon peel is not so popular, but has unexpected benefits on health.  It contains 5 to 10 times...

Top 9 Zero Calorie Foods

These foods have an important property: require body ’metabolism a greater number of calories than their own caloric content. This means that the body gets to consume extra calories to digest...

How to get rid of sore muscles using a tennis ball

Muscle pain has no chance against a good game ...of tennis. Or, more precisely, a massage with a tennis ball. Using these exercises for myofascial release (according romedic.ro, myofascial pain syndrome,...

Everything you need to know about liposuction

Liposuction is the aspiration of fat by surgical method. A small incision is made superficial or deep subcutaneous in fat. It is the most common plastic surgery. A minor liposuction does...

7 Ways to get rid of fast food cravings

The more often you eat, the higher will be the addiction and you’ll crave for more and more juicy and crisp combinations full of all kinds of fried food. If you...

DIY Gold Elephant

Today, this post is about lucky, coincidentally one of the oldest symbols of good luck is the elephant and it is also my mother’s...

DIY Bird Nest Necklaces

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