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Top 10 foods that make you sleepy

Did ever happened to you to feel sleepy though you just woke up and it wasn’t even dinner time? Learn that you might have eaten one of the foods that inevitably...

10 tips for better sleep

Nothing affects our ability to work more than one night without sleep. Studies have shown that lack of sleep harms labor productivity. Employees who constantly yawn aren’t alert, do not take...

Top 12 benefits of red wine consumption

Red wine is rich in resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant found in the grapes peel. It also contains potassium, fluorine, phosphorus, choline (vitamin B complex), flavonoids and other nutrients necessary for the...

10 Tips for a restful sleep

Those 8 hours of sleep are extremely important for health. I.P. Pavlov said that sleep is the savior of the nervous system. Why do we need sleep? It is already known...

How to treat and prevent night muscle cramps

If you have nocturnal muscle cramps, no longer need to tell you how uncomfortable this pain may be. One minute you deeply sleep and the next minute you're awake with pain...

5 Signs you suffer from fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease that is characterized by pain in the muscles and soft tissue. Patients experience pain and muscles stiffness. Even though fibromyalgia causes no damage to joints or...

7 serious health issues caused by stress

Work, money, health, family relationships, lack of sleep and improper diet are stressors and three quarters of adults admit that they experienced an average stress level last month. It is a...

Stimulate the thyroid to burn fat and activate metabolism.

An old man came in one day for a routine check at the doctor Erika Schwartz. She read the medical history, verified medicines that the old man took and asked him...

50% of colon cancer cases could be prevented if peoples would do this

Colon cancer is the most common form of cancer. Colorectal cancer type that includes both colon and the rectum is the third most common type of cancer. It is estimated that...

Banana and cinnamon tea offers you a better sleep than sleeping pills

We've all had at least one night when we toss and turn, unable to sleep. The worry we get the less we can sleep, and get angry even more! I spent...

Fork Herb Pots

I’ve been wanting to grow a few herbs in my kitchen lately, not because I’m a great cook or I have a green thumb,...

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