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6 Steps For Sweat-proof Make-up

There are certain occasions: a party, a wedding, a night club, which require a more elaborate makeup. As not to confront problems, implement these five steps necessary for a strong makeup. One...

Bridal make-up – Do’s and Don’ts

Because bridal make-up is an important step on such a big day: either works out or spoil the whole wedding, I thought to write a bit about the subject either you...

10 Life-Changing Cotton Swabs Hacks

Cotton swabs are more useful than you think and can be used both for house cleaning, and in personal care, not necessarily just to clean the ear. Here are some of...

How to perfectly cover a tattoo using make-up

Increasingly more people decide to make a tattoo, and the situations where they should better hide it are becoming more frequent. Whether we are talking about young people who want to...

How to give your lips 3D effect

Even if you weren’t born with lips like Angelina Jolie, you can do a few small changes to help you have fuller and sensual lips without any needle or other painful...

How to properly apply false eyelashes

Do you feel intimidated by false eyelashes? Whether you are experienced in the mysteries of makeup or just started to discover, applying false eyelashes may seem a difficult and painstaking process....

7 Bold reasons to stop wearing make-up

We are told every day what makeup to wear, how to wear them and what we get if we resort to them. We cross the street and see women wearing make-up,...

Hidden dangers of false eyelashes

Do you want to have long lashes, rich and curved, not to be forced to use every day, mascara? Your handy option is to apply false eyelashes. Pay attention, however. In...

Lipstick tricks you don’t know

Whether you're a fan of lip-gloss or nourishing lip balm I'm sure that at least once in life you used lipstick. And because it implies something more than a gloss effort...

How to pick the right false lashes

A pair of false eyelashes can create that glamour effect that you want, in the same way that you can give you an "artificial" and unnatural aspect. It is therefore important...

Fork Herb Pots

I’ve been wanting to grow a few herbs in my kitchen lately, not because I’m a great cook or I have a green thumb,...

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