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How to patch jeans holes with lace

One of my favorite pair of jeans recently were found "showing too much skin" Meaning: What once was a "cool hole" with jean shredded-nish around it..was now a gaping hole. I reached out...

Bleach Dipped Jeans Shorts

Some people are even using multiple colors of Koolaid to dye the ends of their hair into a rainbow of colors. I love how it looks. Instead of trying it on...

How to dye faded jeans

So a few months ago I decided to go on a no spend spree. Have you ever challenged yourself not to spend money for a period of time? I mean when...

The real reason why jeans’ pockets have rivets

Rivets contribution to the history of jeans - and how they acquired their popularity - is overwhelming. Using small bronze or nickel knobs led, unexpectedly, led to the spread of this...

How to Find The Perfect Jeans For Your Body

"Mom jeans" are back in style. However, this model does not suit everyone’s silhouette. So don’t put trends ahead. Find out what is really important when choosing the right pair of...

How to Tell if your Jeans Fit without Trying them on

When you're on a rush and happen to find a pair of jeans exactly how you wanted but do not want to go to the dressing rooms and try them on....

DIY Gold Elephant

Today, this post is about lucky, coincidentally one of the oldest symbols of good luck is the elephant and it is also my mother’s...

DIY Bird Nest Necklaces

10 spray painting tips