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How to Hand Wash Laundry

When the Washing Machine Breaks Down No-one hand washes laundry any more do they? I am talking about all the laundry for the household, not just the odd delicate garment. What? Hand...

What is Palm Line Says about Love and Marriage?

Read below about the meanings of three different types of lines. You will be amazed by the result! What palm line says about love and marriage? 1.If the palm lines are at the...

Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

The Lemon Sugar Hand scrub mixture is effective in restoring your finger tips to its natural and freshly look; it also helps to invigorate your finger and gives it an attractive...

DIY Gold Elephant

Today, this post is about lucky, coincidentally one of the oldest symbols of good luck is the elephant and it is also my mother’s...

DIY Bird Nest Necklaces

10 spray painting tips