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How to Find the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

The starting point when choosing a new hairstyle is your face shape. Then comes the hair type which can be straight, wavy, curly,the texture, soft, medium or thick and hard to...

Benefits of Sage towards Hair and your Teeth

Herbs are known to be the age old remedies for many diseases and problems that take place in our bodies. With antiseptics lying around and artificial creams in the market, it...

Top 3 Ingredients for Rapid Hair Growth

Hair loss is an issue that is faced by all of us nowadays because of the increased pollution, dirt, and oil that sits on our scalp on a daily basis. Now,...

How to clean all your brushes

Whether it's the brushes that you have painted walls, furniture or cosmetics, your brushes need a thorough cleaning. Depending on their purpose, the brushes should be cleaned after each use or...

5 interesting uses of dishwashing detergent

Dishwasher detergent is a product that is found in every home, but that is used unfortunately only to wash the dishes. Few are those who know that dishwashing detergent is a...

How to shape your eyebrows with thread

We all we want to have exquisite eyebrows, which perfectly fit our face and emphasize traits. But if you feel that traditional shaping does not provide the desired results, then it's time to try a revolutionary method named eyebrow threading. Find out all about this old technique, practiced for the first time in the Middle...

How to cut your own hair in layers

Long hair is a touchy subject for any woman, as a suitable haircut can change your entire look. And because it often happens to have no time for an appointment at...

4 ways to curl your hair without heat

Curls are by far the most sensual and sexy hairstyle, most often appeal to curling iron or hair straightener to achieve them. Although the results are excellent, you should know that...

How to use onion for fast hair growth

Onion is a vegetable whose benefits are numerous in health and beauty but also to maintain a gorgeous hair. Onions contain a substance called sulfur, responsible for the strong smell that...

How to properly apply perfume

None of us want to be like the woman who passed on the street yesterday; She wore so much perfume that you had to stop and breathe a few times before...

Fork Herb Pots

I’ve been wanting to grow a few herbs in my kitchen lately, not because I’m a great cook or I have a green thumb,...

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