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How to get rid of sore muscles using a tennis ball

Muscle pain has no chance against a good game ...of tennis. Or, more precisely, a massage with a tennis ball. Using these exercises for myofascial release (according romedic.ro, myofascial pain syndrome,...

Detox your body through your feet. Here’s the solution!

The accumulation of toxins can seriously affect internal organs. Body detoxification through the feet can ensure a simple and efficient way to remove these dangerous toxins  from your body without radically...

Homemade Foot Pads To Eliminate Harmful Toxins from the Body Overnight

Regular detoxification of the body is crucial for your overall heath. First of all, detoxification is good for the body because it helps to cleanse the internal organs that may become...

What Happens if you are Standing too Much?

Prolonged seating position is known for its adverse effects on the body, but too long standing isn't without risks either, writes passionsante.be on Friday. Regarding the sitting position at work, the recommendations...

What your feet say about You

From ancient times people read palms to find the future. But it is less known that feet can also uncover someone's character. So, take a look at your feet and discover...

Keep your Smelling Clothes Fresh

Do you ever sit on the edge of your seat waiting for the dryer to finish drying your clothes so you can toss them...

DIY Ping Pong Light