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Grow your brows & lashes

If you’ve followed the trends in the last 5 years or so, you’ve probably realized that thick brows are back and here to stay for quite a while. But what if you’ve...

5 Mistakes to AVOID when applying Mascara

Mascara is the most used makeup product and no wonder that help us have a more sexy look, and make us feel more self-confident. You do not need makeup courses to...

10 Life-Changing Cotton Swabs Hacks

Cotton swabs are more useful than you think and can be used both for house cleaning, and in personal care, not necessarily just to clean the ear. Here are some of...

7 Bold reasons to stop wearing make-up

We are told every day what makeup to wear, how to wear them and what we get if we resort to them. We cross the street and see women wearing make-up,...

Hidden dangers of false eyelashes

Do you want to have long lashes, rich and curved, not to be forced to use every day, mascara? Your handy option is to apply false eyelashes. Pay attention, however. In...

7 Astonishing Benefits of Olive Oil for Eyelashes

Women desire to have dark and long eyelashes. Unfortunately, not all are blessed with ideal lashes. That is why women usually profit of cosmetic products such as mascara, to achieve the...

Fast Eye Makeup Tips & Fixes

Make-up artists know all the secrets for a perfect look – these are small tricks that you can steal only if you live in the beauty industry 24 hours out of...

DIY Toothbrush Wraps

This absorbent, terrycloth pouch is the perfect place for your toothbrush and paste when you are away from home. Four 3 inch wide pockets...

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