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DIY oil serum for dry skin

When you have very dry skin it is very difficult to find a moisturizer that not only hydrates your skin, but is also light enough to not cause you breakouts. You...

All you need to know about Foundation

Perfect cover imperfections, protects matiffies and gives a smooth and silky appearance. Here are just some of the reasons why the foundation should be the main product from your makeup kit. Why do...

Natural ingredients for peeling skin

Many people suffer from peeling skin in different body areas. This problem leads to irritation and itching, often even painful. Although there are many factors that contribute  to peeling skin, the...

How to prevent and treat dry skin

From freezing temperatures outside to dry heated air, in the col season it can be extremely difficult to avoid factors that assault your skin. Once skin discomfort is felt, you get the impression that the skin becomes dry, even if your skin type is not part of this typology. Chances are that your skin actually be dehydrated,...

How to determine your skin type

When it comes to skin type, the first thing you need to do is forget everything you knew before! You've been taught by cosmetic, beauty advisers, magazines and even some dermatologists,...

8 Homemade Treatments for Razor Burns, Keratosis Pilaris and Other Skin Disorders

I bet each one of you have usually to deal with skin disorders such as bumps, red spots and dry skin. Especially, these skin conditions worsen in cold season. Fortunately, there...

DIY Toothbrush Wraps

This absorbent, terrycloth pouch is the perfect place for your toothbrush and paste when you are away from home. Four 3 inch wide pockets...

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