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Make Your Own No Sew Curtains

A couple of weeks ago we fell in love with some bright floral fabric, so much so that we bought six yards of it on the spot with plans to bring...

How to properly wash drapes and curtains

Curtains require most cases, a special care because of the fabrics they are made of. Here's how to clean them, how to wash them and dry them as not to destroy them. How...

How to use vinegar to clean the bedroom

Vinegar is a particularly good ingredient for cleaning and freshening bedroom. Vinegar has a low price, it is not toxic and can have myriad uses in the household. It removes odors,...

How to clean the whole house in half a day

There are tricks to finish faster overall cleanliness. If you're a good housewife, you can finish the whole thing in half a day and thus have time to do your manicure,...

DIY Braided Collar Trim

Skill Level: Easy Time: < 30 Min Great temporary or permanent alteration Supplies: -Shirt -Yarn (not wool), scarp fabric strips, or old T -Scissors -Thread -Needle -Glue (optional) Cut your yarn into 3 pieces...

DIY Rope Bracelet

DIY: Rope Bowl