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How to make a tunnel card

I know you are invited to at least one wedding this summer. Bring your camera. This is a neat way to present a special wedding picture. It's an old paper trick...

DIY Gift Card Bracelet

Brandon, my sweet son, gave me this for Christmas. Of course, it didn't take me long to use up the gift card and I made sure I left a few cents...

DIY Gold Thanksgiving Table

Today I'm happy to welcome Becky from This Is Happiness to share her beautiful DIY Thanksgiving Table. Everyone welcome her kindly! I am the author of This Is Happiness blog where I...

Make Your Own Angry Birds Card!

When it comes to angry birds no one can deny that they don’t love the game. It’s a great game that is known to us. Since the time the Angry Birds...

DIY Braided Collar Trim

Skill Level: Easy Time: < 30 Min Great temporary or permanent alteration Supplies: -Shirt -Yarn (not wool), scarp fabric strips, or old T -Scissors -Thread -Needle -Glue (optional) Cut your yarn into 3 pieces...

DIY Rope Bracelet

DIY: Rope Bowl