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How to get rid of sore muscles using a tennis ball

Muscle pain has no chance against a good game ...of tennis. Or, more precisely, a massage with a tennis ball. Using these exercises for myofascial release (according romedic.ro, myofascial pain syndrome,...

5 Exercises for Bulging Buttocks

Buttocks represent one of those body areas that we are mostly interested in. Let us face it: a beautiful form and the toned aspect of the buttocks are like slightly increasing...

The most Efficient Exercises for Firm Buttocks

It is often said that walking brings a beautiful posterior. This is something we need to agree with, but the truth is that there are even better methods for accelerating this...

5 Exercises for Enviable Buttocks

Following the saturating meals and lack of physical exercises, especially during the holidays, it is very important that you train each of your muscle groups. Let us start with the buttocks!...

DIY Gold Elephant

Today, this post is about lucky, coincidentally one of the oldest symbols of good luck is the elephant and it is also my mother’s...

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