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Bleach Dipped Jeans Shorts

Some people are even using multiple colors of Koolaid to dye the ends of their hair into a rainbow of colors. I love how it looks. Instead of trying it on...

Alternative uses for bleach you might not have known about

We may have been raised knowing that bleach keeps our toilets sparkling and is great for rescuing baby clothes from their carrot-stained weaning sagas, but do we really use it to...

Tardis Silhouette: Designing with Bleach

Now, add this new addition to your wardrobe with this simple DIY project, practical application, and iconic imagery. You are sure to enjoy and admire this creative Tardis Silhouette that is...

DIY Toothbrush Wraps

This absorbent, terrycloth pouch is the perfect place for your toothbrush and paste when you are away from home. Four 3 inch wide pockets...

How to Dye a Gradient Yarn

DIY Yarn Organizer

DIY Faux Shag Rug under $10