Style mistakes that age you

It is, indeed, truly amazing how many more years can be added on our faces and attitudes if we are making style mistakes, or fashion blunders, and let’s be honest about it, who can avoid a fashion mistake forever?  Well, no one, of course. But we should, at least, give our best in order to look as great as possible, without making those horrible mistakes, caused only by lacks of knowledge about fashion or maybe by the lack of being able to see ourselves as we are.

Here we will reveal some common style mistakes which will make you look ridiculous, older and fatter, and you should pay a really good attention to them, because here is a change for you to get rid of the lack of knowledge, in order to look as you are, beautiful.

Too much black
Well, maybe everyone knows that this is the most common mistake that women, unfortunately, do. It is well known, also, worldwide, that black is fancy, the eyeliner, as well, but ‘too much’, ‘eyeliner’ and ‘black’, in the same sentence, will throw the resulting fashion blunder, in your face, along with you on the shame walk. If your skin is white, then wearing black clothes, black shoes and black make up, the result will only be an ugly contrast, which will make any defect of yours, to show up at its brightness… wrinkles, dark circles, and so on… But, of course, if you are a little black dress fan, then you should keep in mind to wear a colorful accessory.

We are wearing clothes to hide our nakedness. But that does not mean that we should also hide ourselves. From this point of view, the most common mistake is buying clothes that do not fit your size, everybody is doing this mistake and they should stop, because a cloth that is not fit to you, is not good to you. You should pay more attention to this fact.

Wearing too long and for too long skirts
This is a mistake not so common. Just because you have several years does not mean that your skirt should measure several centimeters in addition. As a rule, beware of undefined sizes. Skirt up to mid calf does not even advantage the 20 years old mannequins, so give it up. A mid-knee skirt suits you best louder than a clumsy one. And you should stop wearing long skirts all the time. Even if you are old and your legs might be full of cellulite and other skin defects which anyone has because they come along with aging, if you have some long legs, you could try to wear some really elegant bell pants, which will make you feel more confident about yourself; and if you do not have long legs, don’t you dare to worry, you can always go shopping for some brand new heels!

You have chosen the wrong glasses!
The face is our first card. If you need to wear glasses, do not buy the first pair of frames that comes your way. Not the price must be the first argument for choosing a frame, but the way you look with glasses. Remember Ugly Betty (original version)? Remember what difference made the eyeglass frame and how the ugly duck turned into a swan? Study fashion magazines and see what glasses models fits your physiognomy. Do not avoid bolder frames.

You go shopping with the wrong person
Influence is very important. How many times happened to you to just not be able to know if something is good for you, if something fits you, if it looks good for you are just if something is beautiful or not. These moments are happening to anyone, anytime and really often. This is why people are feeling more comfortable when they are going to shopping with a friend, but never alone. So you can now understand why it is very important this choice: who are you going to shopping with? You can very easily, just by giving it a thought, to find out which friend has a taste in clothes and which one does not. But even most important is which one has the closest tastes to yours. So, next time, you should keep in mind to give yourself some more minutes for making this choice.

Dark colored lipsticks aren’t for everyone. There are 3 categories of women who can’t use dark shades for lipsticks. For some there’s a certain solution, for others there’s unfortunately none.
Firstly, you must know that dark colored lipstick outlines your face, but most importantly your lips and teeth. Therefore, if your denture isn’t close to perfect, you probably don’t want to make people aware of it.
Secondly, if your lips are thin, dark lipstick isn’t recommended. But if they are fuller, they can get thicker by contouring them. Also, this method requires forethought because exaggeration can lead to a catastrophic public embarrassment.

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Style mistakes that age you