Stuffed Nose Treated with Unusual Methods

Dealing with a stuffy nose is an extremely unpleasant thing. The first option you might automatically go for is represented by the nasal squirts that shoot saline into your sinus. However, this is a very unpleasant feeling because you will even feel your eyes bulging. It is understandable why you would want to skip waiting in line at the pharmacy to get those expensive nasal sprays. Here are some unusual methods for cleaning your sinus.

Even if they seem silly at the first time, you will definitely not regret trying them, because you will not have to pay good money for nasal sprays anymore.

Things that may cause having a stuffy nose
Having a stuffy nose might have numerous causes behind. The main causes of congestion are associated with a certain allergy and when you catch a cold. Another common cause of congestion may also be certain nasal sprays. Even if it seems strange, but when your doctor prescribes a nasal spray for your stuffy nose and you use it for more than 3 days, some products may even worsen your congestion. Vasomotor rhinitis, pregnancy and nasal polyps are three other potential causes of a stuffy nose.

Ways to clean a stuffed nose
The first method consists of pressing the tip of your tongue on the top of your mouth and then releasing your tongue. Once done, you need to press the area between your eyebrows with your fingers. Repeat the pressing on the same area several times, for maximum 20 seconds. This pressing method helps to stimulate the bone that will actually clear everything that is congested.

The second method is to let your head back and pinch your nose. In this situation, you will have to hold your breath as long as you possibly can. All you need to do is take a deep breath and hold your breath as much as you can. This is another great technique that will help you get your sinus cleared. When you hold your breath, your body actually realizes that it has not enough oxygen and this is the reason why your sinuses will want to go for the survival method.

You have some other methods as well that will help you clear your stuffy nose, but these are more common techniques. For example, taking a hot bath will definitely help you to entirely clean your sinus. When it comes to taking a bath, steam produced by hot water is what plays the significant role in stimulating the clearing of a stuffy nose. Making a tea infusion has similar good effects on a stuffed nose. If you don’t prefer doing infusion with boiled tea, you can go for drinking the hot tea – this method will still help for the elimination of the unpleasant feelings resulted from a stuffy nose. Eating spicy foods might also be helpful, when it comes to coping with a stuffed nose. In this case, you don’t have to go for chili or other unhealthy condiments and foods (that practically originate from fast foods), but for natural spicy foods, like onion, ginger or horseradish.

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