Strangest Things In The House That Help You Clean Up

Cleanliness is not only about using chemical solutions you find commercially. We have other options at hand extremely cheap, but we do not think ever. Here are some tricks that you could call in emergency situations, when you have no handy cleaning products classic.

Stains on the carpet can be removed with shaving foam
Shaving removes grease stains that have penetrated into the carpet or carpet fibers. But attention! Do not use shaving gel for cleaning the carpet because it will not have the same effect! On the contrary! What to do? If the stain is fresh, use little water to remove excess, then cover it with shaving foam. Leave it on for 5, 10 minutes and gently rub the area using an old toothbrush.

Chewing gum can be removed with an ice cube
Chewing gum can permanently damage the carpet, especially if is not removed immediately. What to do? Take an ice cube, put it on the gum and hold it for 30 seconds. This will harden and become brittle as they can remove a “piecemeal.” Don’t use alcohol, thinner paint or gasoline. These solutions will damage the carpet fibers, and color.

Clear walls with white bread
Fingerprints are best seen on the white walls. Are grease stains left by fingers. These can be removed using a slice of white bread, fresh. Circular rub the soiled area until traces disappear. Do not press too!

Burn the pots are cleaned with Coca Cola
Coca Cola is a delicious drink but extremely acidic. Destroy everything in its path: our stomachs but of dirt and rust, mold stains on pots and burning grill. It sufficient to pour a cup of Coca Cola in the dish you want to clean and then wait half an hour. With a slightly abrasive sponge rub the bowl, then discard. You will see the difference!
Polish the furniture with beer
Often, wood furniture takes on a matte aspect. Pour a few drops of beer on a cotton pad or a clean, soft cotton cloth and gently rub the affected area furniture.

Cleans windows with coffee filter
The time when you used to clean windows and mirrors with newsprint has gone. Now we have at hand all sorts of commercial products: suede, special gloves etc. But if you have not handy, use a paper coffee filter. It is extremely effective! Spray glass cleaner, then wipe with a coffee filter!

Dusters stockings
Do you have an old pair of socks made of cotton or terry? Do not throw them! Make them dusters. Just keep them clean and wipe the dust on and pull on some gloves.

Adhesive removers with a tennis ball
Often it happens to spill liquid on the floor sweet juices, coffee, tea. If you do not see stains immediately, they dry and become sticky. If you do not want to use water to clean them use a tennis ball to clean. Rub the stained area a few times and you will see that dirt will disappear by magic!

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 Strangest Things In The House That Help You Clean Up