Stained Glass Vases


Ever seen those tinted glass bottles in displays in magazine shoots and longed for something so simple and so pretty? No? Just me? Well I’ll just keep going and pretend I’m not the only one.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve been looking at one of those ‘staged’ bathroom or kitchen photos and seen glass vases that were somehow not colorless and wondered how they dyed the glass – was it during the production of the bottle or sometime after? And if after, how?

So a few weeks ago after seeing yet another spread with stained glass vases, I decided to go digging. I finally found a glass paint called Vitrail that, in the description I read, claimed that it goes on opaque but dries clear.

What do you think? Does it match the magazines? Yeah I didn’t think so either. This was not one of my most successful DIY attempts. I like the look though – like dripped stained glass, if that makes sense. I think I even know my issue – the paint was too thick and settled into all the grooves of the bottle and didn’t come out. So anytime I moved it during the drying process, it pooled and ran to a different spot.

Here’s what I did:

1. Pour the paint into the bottle.
2. Swirl, tilt and rotate the bottle to coat the sides completely.
3. dump out as much excess as you can down the drain.
4. Set upside down to continue draining.
5. once draining complete, turn right side up and allow to dry overnight.
6. “Borrow” flowers from your always-on-vacation-and-I-water-your-flowers-anyway-neighbors’ garden to make them pretty (just kidding – you should totally be a good person and ask first…) A bit of advice – cut yours long enough to hit the bottom of the vase or you’ll feel like a loser like me

If I ever try this again, I think I’ll thin the paint down some with some acetone (a paint thinning trick I found online). Also, I’ll use a vessel without so many lips and grooves for the paint to settle into.

Even if this re-creation didn’t match exactly, I still like the bottles the way they are – original and modified by me! They will look great with some flowers in them in our new apartment bathroom!

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Stained Glass Vases