Solutions for Bra Cup Problems

Finding your perfect bra size might be a painstaking activity, but the time spent looking for it is worth it. Some women spend most of their adulthood trying to find that perfect bra that will emphasize the beauty of her breasts and won’t have a reverse effect. When the bra size is too small, the breasts are not comfortable, there are marks on our back and shoulders due to tight suspenders, and this may have a negative impact on our health. The effect is disastrous.

Solutions for “Quad Boob”
There is a saying, “Two heads are better than one”, but when it comes to our precious boobies, trust me, four breasts aren’t better than two! This phenomenon is called “Quad boob”, namely the action of our boobies to spill over the top or side of our bra. This scenery is very unaesthetic and not beautiful. People can observe your “Quad boob” even under your shirts.

A woman gets this effect when the cup size is too small. We all want to make our breasts appear bigger, but there are other ways to do that, without putting them through such an embarrassment. There are cups available up to N size. Experiment with different sizes and buy the one that suits you best.

To do that, make sure your bra band is tight and lies in a straight line across your back. This is a significant point to consider. If the band doesn’t bother you, all you need to do is to find your cup size. For instance, if you are trying a 36C, it fits you, but you still have that “muffin top” at the top of your cup, go with 36D.

If you are experiencing difficulties finding your perfect bra size, read the article and find out the tips to consider when looking for the ideal one. Keep in mind your previous bra experiences and don’t repeat those same mistakes again. It might take a bit of time, but the results will be totally worth it.

Solutions for Preventing Falling Out of Your Bra
If your breasts fall out of your bra when you raise your hands, run, jump or do any other activities that require movement, this means that the bra size is too big.

A sign to know that the bra suits you is the band, it should be tight across your back. In case of a perfect size, you should be able to place one finger under the bra band, between the breasts. If you can fit in there 2 or more fingers, this is a sure sign that the band is too loose. A lot of women think that by wearing a looser band they will prevent the emergence of a hump, and it is more comfortable to wear the bra that way. However, the truth is another. The band should be tight to provide support and guard against back and shoulders’ pain. Also, your posture will be more gracious and confident.

Remember that the cup size varies depending on the band size. In case you find difficulties with your band size or your cup size, whether they are a size bigger or smaller, remeasure yourself again and find out your exact measures.

However, if your breasts fall out of a bra that suited you well, the answer is rather simple. They probably just worn out and should be replaced with a new pair. From regular wearing, the band weakens and stretches out. If the band is loose even on the tightest hook, there is nothing you can do about it. No bra will last forever, but you can extend their life by hand-washing it and not drying it in the dryer!

Solutions for Uneven Breasts
Nobody is perfect and symmetric. By nature, people are asymmetric, so there is a part of the body larger or smaller than the other half. Don’t be frustrated if your breasts are uneven. Every woman has this difference but to some the difference is more pronounced compared to others. Don’t worry, that are tricks that allow masking this difference and solutions that will make your breast look the same size.

The perfect solution for this matter would be the stretch cup bra. You can adjust the shoulder straps so that you feel comfortable. This is a great trick for women that have uneven breasts and breasts that are less than one cup size different on each side.

Don’t try to fit the larger breast into a smaller cup. This is not aesthetic. Also, there are many ways to deal with both breasts and create a more symmetrical appearance. Another excellent solution would be the padded bra with removable push-up pads. A lot of padded bras provide this choice. Just remove the pad on the larger breast and both your halves will feel comfortable.

A reason women have uneven breasts are breast surgeries. There are special bras for women that suffered lumpectomies, mastectomies or just have a significant difference in their cup size. The mastectomy bras are made of fabric that is comfortable for post-surgical sensitive skin. Also, they are available in full-coverage styles, which support your breasts without binding.

Each body is unique, and there is no fixed standard to be worn by everybody. Each woman needs to experiment and find her own perfect bra!

Solutions for Crumpled or Gapping Cup
There are cases when you might find a gap at the top of your bra, or maybe a fabric crumple and doesn’t lie flat. There are two solutions for these problems.

First of all, this is a result of wearing a larger cup size than you need. Adjust the bra and make sure that the breasts fit perfectly in the cup. However, if there is still a gap at the top of your cup, go with one size smaller. Even if you are trying an A cup and it doesn’t fit you, try an AA cup bra. The other reason the fabric is wrinkling and there is a gap is because you don’t use the best style that suit your breasts shape. As it was mentioned before, every body is unique and if a woman wears this type of bra, it doesn’t mean that it will suit you although it is your size. If your boobs are fuller at the bottom, this shape is also known as “teardrop”, then you should check out balcony bras or demi bras. This bra shape should be more comfortable and suit you best compared to full-coverage bras.

Solutions for Underwire Bra Pain
Many women complain that the underwire hurt them, hence, making the bra wearing uncomfortable and painful. If you wear a cup size that fits you, you should feel perfectly sound. The underwire provides stability and shape to the cup, therefore, if your breasts are for this cup, the wire shouldn’t poke or pinch you. Wearing it should not be disturbing. In case your breasts spill out of the sides, the cup is too small. Try a larger one.

As mentioned above, in order to find your perfect cup size, measure yourself. The wires to your perfect bra should not make you feel uncomfortable, but on the contrary, they should sustain your breasts. After you measure your band size, experiment with your cups until you find the perfect one. Your bra should emphasize your beauty, so whether is an A cup or D cup, wear it and don’t torture yourself in fitting your breasts in the size you want to be.
After finding the ideal bra, make sure that your breasts fit perfectly into the cup. A silly, but good way to do that is to put on your bra, lean forward a little bit and wiggle for a moment. Your ladies should stay inside the cup just where they have to be.

For women that can’t wear underwire bra, there are plenty of wire-free bras. These are a great substitute to the classic bra with no pain and no troubles. For pregnant women and women after surgery, we recommend soft cup bras. Also, there are some medical conditions, such as Hiatal hernias, that make the underwire bras uncomfortable and painful.

How to Make Breasts Look Bigger
Women, especially the small breasted ones, tend to wear bras that would provide an effect of larger breasts. As we were teens, we used to “stuff our bra”. Luckily, currently other, more sophisticated solutions, will provide that extra boost.

A common and affordable solution is to use a padded bra. These bras provide that extra boost and will make your bust look bigger and more appetizing.

Usually, such bra has removable pads allowing you to regulate the size of your breasts. These pads lift your breasts from the bottom, making them seem bigger without slipping out.
Another surgery-free solution for larger breasts are the bra accessories. Removable breast inserts allow you to convert any bra into a push-up bra. These accessories are perfect for women with uneven breasts, they having the opportunity of correcting the size of their breasts. Also, these separate bra paddings are made out of more realistic materials, such as silicone, and provide a more natural look.

All these accessories will make your bust appear larger and look natural. Also, some women think that by wearing a larger bra size the breasts will also look bigger, but unfortunately, they are wrong. By wearing a bigger bra, you won’t look that you have a more prominent bust, you will just look embarrassing.

How to Make Breasts Look Smaller
As paradoxical as it sounds, but women with large breasts don’t always want to capture the attention with their natural beauties. It is hard to hide the breasts of such size, but this is not impossible. There are ways that make your chest seem smaller without investing money into expensive surgeries.

As in the case with small breasted women, by wearing a smaller or larger bra than your chest is, you don’t make it seem smaller or larger but on the contrary. Don’t wear a small bra, or else your breasts will slip out everywhere. Also, this is not healthy for you. Always wear a bra that suits you perfectly.

Instead of wearing a smaller bra than your actual size, wear a minimizer bra. This type of bras is intended especially for women with large breasts. The minimizer bra redistributes your breasts in that cavity uniformly and, thus, is created by the appearance of a smaller bust. After you try it, observe how your chest has a one or two cup smaller size. However, don’t buy a smaller minimizer bra, the effect won’t be the same. This bra is perfect for women that like wearing button-down blouses. With the minimizer bra, you don’t have to fear anymore that your blouse may pop out.

Bras for Sagging Breasts
Bra’s duty is to lift your breasts, make them look upright and appealing regardless of your age. In case a bra can’t fulfill this duty anymore, it’s time to buy a new bra!

Don’t worry, sagging breasts are part of the aging process. However, we can have a more attractive look only by wearing the perfect bra. In order to find out if your breasts receive the support they need, look in the mirror in profile. Your nipple should be halfway between your shoulder and your elbow. Nevertheless, if your breasts are hanging below that mark, this means that your bra is not supporting your breasts entirely.

And again, we return to the magical phrase: “Wear the size that suits you”. Make sure that the band is tight across your back. If it is loose, all the weight of your breasts will pull down the front of the bra. You should be able to fit only a finger under the bra band. If you can fit 2 or more fingers this means the band is too big and it won’t provide the support you need. Go down one band size and up one cup size, this should do the trick. For instance, if your current size is 36C, check out 34D.

However, if you have a bra that fits your cups but the band is loose, perhaps your bra is just worn out. No bra, regardless of fabric and brand, lasts forever. It was proven that bras last only 6 to 9 months, and this depending on your size, how often you wear them, how you wash and store them. Women tend to have a favorite bra that is worn almost every day. Have at least 2 pairs of such bras and alternate their wearing. This way they will weaken later, and your breasts will feel the support they need every time. Remember not to dry your bra in the dryer. Never do that! Heat ruins the band and makes the bra lose its support.

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