Simple Japanese Exercise to Lose Weight

The majority of people are dreaming about losing weight as easily and quickly as possible, but we constantly say that this is impossible. It seems to be too simple to be true! However, in the most recent 10 years, a Japanese doctor, Dr. Fukutsudzi helps women to lose weight in a record period of time. The most interesting thing is that this weight loss method excludes diet and consumptive exercises and without spending money and besides losing weight, you will also receive a natural posture of your body, including the elimination of back pain.

The truth is that improper body posture and back pain comes hand in hand. When you don’t have physical activity on a regular basis and when everything that you do is sitting in your office seat all day long, no wonder why you have back pain and your body posture is not satisfying.

This miraculous treatment is explained in his book which after its premiere has been sold in more than 6 million copies, only in Asia. Read further to find out how to do this simple exercise!

In his book, the Japanese doctor sustains that there is no need for special tools to do this exercise; everything that you need would be:

  • a large and wide towel;
  • a string or ribbon to tie the towel and to make it look like a reel;
  • a flat surface
  • and daily 15 minutes from your precious time.

Dr. Fukutsudzi is an expert in problems with the pelvic bone, discovering that the main cause of fat appearance on the abdominal area is the variation of the pelvic bones and the sub costal bone. When he discovered the relation between these two problems, he conceived on his own this method for fulfilling as easily and quickly as possible the elimination of fats around the waist.

This method is very efficient and very easy to practice because everything that you have to do is to stay in a simple position for 5 minutes, 3 times a day.

Here is how you have to correctly stay in this position:

  • Rule up the towel and secure it with either a rope or a braid.
  • Place it on the floor, and then lie down on the floor, making sure that the towel comes just above your butt. Make sure that you choose a wide enough towel, so that it exceeds the width of your body.
  • Keep your legs extended, parallel to the floor and slightly separated, and then touch the two ends of your thumbs, as you can see in the above image.
  • Stretch your arms overhead, also keeping them parallel to the floor, then try to touch your small fingertips.

Maintain this position for 5 minutes. Repeat the exercise 3 times a day, when you have the time. Even if it seems to be simple at first sight, we need to let you know that it is not a comfortable position; at the beginning it will seem to be painful, but after several days of treatment, when your bones will learn to stay in their natural position, this exercise will mean a huge pleasure for you.

Some tips to consider

  • After you stayed in this position, you need to gently take the towel out from your back and try not to get up suddenly.
  • It is indicated that after finishing the exercise, you relax for 2-3 minutes in horizontal position, and only after that to get up slowly.

This novel method could seem to be bizarre at the beginning, but you have to think that there is nothing to lose if you try it and we can guarantee to you for sure that you will be pleased after several sessions, especially after your posture will be improved and back pain will completely disappear. Besides these things, you will get rid of extra pounds without realizing how the wonder happened.

Don’t forget to measure the size of your waist, before starting this procedure and after 5 days measure yourself again! It is guaranteed that you will get rid of at least 2 cm of your waist size! Maybe it sounds incredible, but don’t hesitate, try it yourself as well as your family or maybe your friends, and it is guaranteed that you will never regret doing so!

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